The Morehouse Center for Excellence in Education, (MCEE) was established in 2019 to offer a robust and broad range of interdisciplinary and cross-sector initiatives. MCEE, also known as “The Center” is a vibrant engagement hub for Morehouse College students, faculty, staff and alumni and our community of education stakeholders.





The mission of the Morehouse Center for Excellence in Education (MCEE) is to offer a vibrant and innovative engagement hub that promotes a sense of belonging and enhance the Education Department’s programs for Morehouse College students, faculty, staff, and alumni.  

"Working with MCEE has enlightened me to the fact that education encompasses more than teaching in a classroom; it is an intersectional field which includes school leaders, policymakers, artists, counselors, researchers, architects, psychologists, and more. My experience with MCEE has inspired me to continue to impact young minds through the field of education post-graduation, and for that I am forever grateful."

Lettrell Harris '21 | MCEE Fellow | Physics Student, Doctoral Program at Michigan State University


Priority I
Strengthening the black male teacher pipeline

We Cultivate and Prepare World-Class Educators

At the core of our all of our endeavors lies a resolute commitment to bolstering the preparation of Black male educators. As a supportive extension of the Morehouse Education Department, MCEE provides robust academic programming that aims to dramatically increase the number of graduates who are well-prepared to become exceptional educators. 

Initiatives Include:

  • The Education Studies Major is interdisciplinary, experiential, and has a focus on the sociological, scientific, and political domains that exist in education. 
  • The Early Childhood Education Majo Secondary Education Minor both leading to certification

Learn more about the Morehouse Education Department faculty, majors, minors, and certifications. >>

Priority II
Bridging the gap between theory and practice

We Bridge Gaps

We recognize that theory alone insufficiently addresses the complex realities that exist in the education sector. By providing practical, hands-on experiences and exposure to diverse environments, we equip students with the tools and skills that will promote personal and professional insight, and opportunities to participate in knowledge-generating activities.

The Morehouse Co-Lab School

The Co-Lab School Initiative serves as a catalyst for ongoing research and professional development for students and faculty. The MCEE team and Education Department faculty collaborates with partnering schools like Utopian Academy for the Arts, to conduct studies on effective teaching strategies, the use of instructional technology, and other culturally relevant approaches in education. This collaborative research enables practitioners to engage in the inquiry process and provides opportunities for all participants to contribute valuable insights to the broader field of education.

The Morehouse Lab for Participatory and Multimodal Research in Education

The PMRE Lab also known as “The Lab” is an innovative and inclusive space within MCEE where traditional boundaries between researchers and participants have been removed. All activities are centered around the belief that those directly impacted by the research hold unique insights that can shape the inquiry process. In the PMRE Lab, our student and faculty researchers and participants become co-creators, working together to design research questions, develop methodologies, gather data, and interpret results. This approach not only generates more accurate and nuanced findings but also empowers participants to play an active role in generating knowledge that matters to them.

Priority III
Building Communities of practiCe, inquiry, and belonging

We Build Community

By leveraging the power of Morehouse College’s rich legacy of developing and preparing Black men for lives of leadership and service, we have established programs that empower aspiring educators with comprehensive training, mentorship, and resources that will nurture their growth as transformative leaders in the educational landscape. Through thought-provoking events and research forums, we shine a light on the achievements of our alumni and amplify the voices and insights of Black thought leaders while fostering a sense of belonging and community.

Initiatives Include:

My Brother’s Teacher 

To help eliminate feelings of professional and personal isolation often faced by Black male students, teachers, and leaders, MBT knits together a supportive inter-generational community of aspiring and current practitioners. Undergraduate and high school students who are interested in a career in education receive mentoring, tutoring, and advising to ensure each student has an academic and personal accountability partner. MBT also provides opportunities for the professional and personal development of pre-service, novice, and veteran educators.

 The Impact of a Morehouse Educator T.I.M.E.

The TIME project is an ongoing initiative that focuses on the collection and tracking of our amazing alumni educators. Since 1867, Morehouse College graduates have served in various roles throughout the education sector. We know that Morehouse Men can be found in classrooms and boardrooms across the country and internationally. Countless Morehouse alumni work in youth serving organizations, after school programs, and are serving students from kindergarten to college in significant ways. The TIME project allows us to quantify the Morehouse impact in the education sector. Look for a TIME booth at education conferences, homecoming and other Morehouse gatherings.

Are you a Morehouse Man making an impact in the field of education? If so, please let us know by completing this form>> .

Aspiring Principals Program

This highly selective Fellowship is an unprecedented partnership between the Morehouse Center for Excellence in Education, New Leaders, and Clark Atlanta University. Candidates complete a rigorous recruitment and admissions process focused on identifying and selecting talented educators, especially leaders of color. The Aspiring Principals Program is an ambitious and multi-faceted endeavor that leverages the strengths of these three institutions

priority IV
Impacting the ecosystem

We Make Impact

The programs and initiatives in this priority arms students with knowledge about the policies, practices, agencies and systems that impact schools and communities. Students are introduced to Morehouse alumni serving in various roles throughout the ecosystem, ranging from the classroom to the highest levels of government. Activities prepare graduates to become advocates for evidence-based reforms, champions of educational equity, and effective leaders who can navigate the education system in order to drive positive change for students and communities

Policy and Practice Fellowship       

The MCEE Policy and Practice Fellowship is designed to provide a transformative experiential learning opportunity for Morehouse students. Students are immersed in activities, and real-world encounters that help shape their perspectives on education policies and practices at the local, state and national levels.


The MESSAGE Lab is supported by a framework that integrates Media, Entertainment, Storytelling, Simulations and Gamification in Education. MESSAGE activities allow scholars, practitioners, artists, filmmakers, and storytellers to collaborate on multimodal research projects that support and inspire current and aspiring educators.

Torch Talk Podcast

The Torch Talk Podcast initiative is a platform dedicated to raising awareness through community dialogue. Topics range from social justice and current events in education and society to conversations about the policies, practices and philosophies that impact the achievement and progress of Black students. Torch Talk episodes include in-depth interviews with students, educators, national thought leaders, scholars and influencers to shed light on pressing issues, engage in insightful discussions that inspire action and spark meaningful change. 

Follow the Torch Talk YouTube channel here.


CANDLE Lecture Series

As part of our Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice priority, the CANDLE Lecture Series showcases exceptional thinkers, creators and scholars whose profound expertise, groundbreaking research and creative artistry have significantly enriched the education sector.

This effort’s name is derived from the CANDLE Framework pillars:

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
Appreciative Inquiry
Data and Digital Pedagogy
Experiential Learning

Each lecture includes the exploration into one or more of how these elements, ignites conversations, fosters collaboration, and fuels the ongoing innovation underway at MCEE.

Educators, researchers, practitioners, policymakers and creatives/artists are invited to submit art, research abstracts and presentation proposals. Stay tuned for details about the next lecture in this series.

Recap of the 2024 CANDLE Lecture Series.

The 2024 CANDLE Lecture Series addressed "The Future of Belonging in Education" and inspired some of our students to share their opinions. Check out what they had to say in Episode 1 of the Torch Talks podcast.



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G’Khyri C. Patterson
Sophomore, Class of 2025


My dream is to inspire students by serving as a role model of their potential. I want students I work with to embrace being their authentic selves in educational settings and beyond.

Joshua Porter
Sophomore, Class of 2025


I’ve discovered through research that having a Black male teacher in the classroom impacts student outcomes in a variety of ways, including academically and socially. I want my presence to make a difference.

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